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The Womanizer is now at Pleasures For Her!

May 17th 2016

Womanizer W100Pleasures For Her


The Womanizer W100

The Womanizer Pro W500

The Womanizer is Your Private Delight!

The Womanizer W100

The Womanizer W100 is a clitoris stimulator that is the first of its kind!  

It uses PleasureAir Technology to stimulate without direct contact.

The PleasureAir gently sucks the clitoris into the soft silicone tip and surrounds 

it with gentle yet incredibly effective pressure waves.

Includes 5 levels of intensity for extreme, guaranteed pleasure.  

Over stimulation and discomfort are a thing of the past, while 

effortless orgasms are in your future with The Womanizer!

Enjoy new orgasmic sensations with a 100% Orgasm Guarantee!

Available in:

Black Leopard       Purple Leopard          Pink Crocodile           Blue Crocodile          Red Roses         Black Tattoo   Womanizer W100        Womanizer W100              Womanizer W100           Womanizer W100   Womanizer W100       Womanizer W100

The Womanizer Pro W500 includes 3 more levels of intensity 

than the W100 for extreme, guaranteed pleasure.

Includes 8 total levels of intensity, experience a more 

intense low and a more powerful high.

Operation is ergonomic and easy to use with soft silicone buttons

to adjust intensity and a textured on/off button.

The Pro W500 includes 2 silicone stimulation heads sizes.

Available in:

Red Roses                           Black Leopard                                Magenta Lace                               White Chrome 

Womanizer W500              Womanizer W500                     Womanizer W500                    Womanizer W500

      All of The Womanizer Clit Stimulators will deliver the 

results that you are looking for!

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