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LaCire Drip Candle Orange Torso Form I


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BDSM Drip Candle

LaCire Drip Candle Orange Torso Form I

LaCire Drip Candle Torso Form I pays homage to one of many human forms.  Display this candle in your home to celebrate the diversity and beauty it captures or use this candle to explore the tantalizing world of temperature play.  Made with a skin soothing blend of soy and paraffin wax, Torso Form I allows a safe, approachable way for curious minds to play with wax while celebrating the diversity, sensuality and beauty of the human body.  So, why not heat things up?  Wax play is a common form of temperature play where wax from a candle is dripped onto a person's naked skin, to introduce a range of slight warming sensations to their body.


  • 100% Soy and Paraffin Wax Blend
  • Explore the World of Temperature Play
  • Display the Beauty of the Human Body
  • Measures: 4.5" Height
  • Orange Color


Avoid dripping wax on or in eyes, mouth, nose, ears, genitals and hair.  Keep a wide mouthed vessel of water nearby in the event you need to quickly extinguish the flame or safely drop the candle.

Display the beauty of the human body with the LaCire Drip Candle Orange Torso Form I!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review